Special for the this week of 2017

Jan 8th - 13th , 2016 ////  HAMBURG 3# bag $3.19lb


 Sirloin patties $4.99 lb.  *** Combo Roast $3.19 lb.


 5lb. bag of Chicken Nuggets $8.99 (in freezer)

Bulk Smith Bacon $3.66lb (all in one 3lb bag) *** Whole Blue Ribbon Hams $2.69 lb. (sliced free)


Boneless Pork Sirloin and Regular Boneless Chops $1.88 lb.

Boneless Chuck Roast $3.88 lb. *** Chuck Steak $4.29 lb.


****  3lb. Bag Boneless Chicken Breast $1.49 lb ****


 Loose Potatoes $.69lb and Stuffed Pork Chops $3.49


 -   -  Drop off your Crock Pot Tuesday and get a hot meal Wednesday $20.00 for 4 people:->


Seafood we carry for the holidays are: Great Lake Perch, Lobster Tails, Both Raw & Cooked Shrimp, Smelt,

Shrimp Rings & half Moons, Cod, Frog Legs, Swai, Tilapia, Crab & Lobster Flakes, Salmon & Scallops


All 24pk cans Beer cases $21.00 & 30pk are $22.00 (cold and out the door price)


 Ground Sirloin $4.99 lb.


Pre - Sliced Only Roast Beef $5.55 lb


We smoke our own pig ears, dog bones, and dog treats (NO CHEMICALS  :D )


while supplies last* and We are open  from 9am -- 9pm weekdays, Sat.  8am -- 9pm, Sun. 8am -- 8pm