Special for this week of 2017  *** BBQ, Thur, Fri Night and 12 noon starting Monday*** NO STATE EBT HERE

 May 24th - 28th ///  Ground Chuck 3lb. Bag $3.33 lb.


Rib Eye Steaks $9.99 *** Flank Steaks $7.99   


 3lb. Bag Ground Round $3.66 lb. *** 3lb. Bag Hamburger $3.19 lb.

Homemade Double Smoked Bacon



Beef Tenderloins $7.99 ***Smith Bacon $4.44 lb.

5lb. Bag of Fries $5.99 *** 10lb. Box of Wayside


Homemade Tuna Salad $5.69 lb. *** Homemade Chicken Salad $4.99 lb.


 Homemade Summer Slaw and Spaghetti Salad $4.99 lb.


T-Bones $9.49 lb. *** Porter House $9.99 lb.


St. Louis Ribs $2.99 lb. and Country style Ribs $2.22 lb.

  We make Homemade Salads for parties and give deals for 5,10,15, and 20 lb. batches

All regular Fresh Brats $4.99 lb, Buy five get one free


Pre Sliced Oven-Roasted Chicken $4.99 lb.


Greek Feta Salad $4.99 lb. *** Sour Cream Macaroni Cheddar Salad $5.99 lb.


De La Costa Sangria, $10.00 A Bottle Plus Tax


while supplies last* and we are open from 9am -- 9pm weekdays, Sat.  8am -- 9pm, Sun. 8am -- 8pm