Crockpot every Wednesday drop off by 10a.m. *** NO STATE EBT HERE

 Nov. 6th -12th  /// 5 lb. Bag of Fries


3 lb. Bag of Boneless Breast $2.00 lb.


 3lb. Bag Ground Round $12.00 *** 3lb. Bag Hamburger $12.00 lb.

 2 bottles of De La Costa Sangria for $20.00



Macaroni and Cheese Salad $5.99 lb.

Nacho Cheese Brat $4.99 lb.


Fresh Chorizo $1.99 lb.


All Beef Meatball Mix


Boneless and Bone in Pork Chops $2.99 lb.


Cumberland Gap Hickory Smoked Ham

  Smoked Brisket Sandwiches every Friday 11am to 2 pm for sept.

All Regular Fresh Brats $4.99 lb, Buy five get one free


Koegel Skinless Franks $3.89


We also process deer


Decoration Hay $3.00 each a bale or 2 for $5.00


while supplies last* and we are open from 11am -- 8pm weekdays, Sat.  8am -- 9pm, Sun. 8am -- 8pm